Makerversity: FAQs

What is the camp curriculum?

The table below gives a look at how the day-to-day content is organized. This sample curriculum is based on the content for Week 1. Want to take a peek at the details of Week 2 or 3? We are happy to provide those via email.





9 - 11

How we tell time (water, pendulums, oscillators)

11 - 12

Electronics introduction

12 - 1

Field Trip to visit IWT electronics lab

1 - 4:30

Circuit building


Recreational activities on campus


9 - 11:30

Raspberry Pi Introduction

11:30 - 12

Lunch and Guest speaker (Framatome)

12 - 4:30

Python programming


Bike rental and ride on the Blackwater Trail


9 - 2:30

3D modeling with FreeCAD

2:30 - 4:30

3D Printing


Cultural Event with The Listening 


9 - 11:30

Build a Flask App

11:30 - 12:30

Lunch and Guest speaker (Harris Corporation)

12:30 - 4:30

Program a clock


Dinner Downtown


9 - 9:30


10:30 - 11:30

Final clock construction 

11:30 - 12:30

Lunch and Guest Speaker (Entrepreneur/Inventor)

12:30 - 4:30

Implementation, testing, and tweaking


Riverfront Park Concert

What will campers do outside of their time at the makerspace?

Throughout the week campers will take advantage of their time in beautiful Lynchburg, Virginia by experiencing several cultural outings. Cultural experiences outside the walls of our makerspace reinforce the idea that learning happens everywhere and that knowledge impacts society. These activities will include plays, open mic and poetry readings, concerts, art shows, museum visits, culinary experiences, nature walks, and more. A cultural guide familiar with the history, quirks, strengths, and secrets of our city will encourage students to find meaning in their work and inspiration from the work of others.

What about daily logistics - travel, accomodations, food, transporation, etc.?


Lynchburg is located in Central Virginia and accessible by car via several major interstates, by train via Amtrak service, and by plane via American Airlines into Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH). 

Housing Location

Randolph College
2500 Rivermont Ave
Lynchburg, VA, 24503

Program Location

Vector Space
402 Fifth St.
Lynchburg, Virginia, 24504


Three meals a day are provided for students and staff. Breakfast will be provided on campus, and lunch will be at Vector Space or during site visits. On most evenings dinner will be in the dining hall, but on two evenings we will dine at restaurants in downtown Lynchburg.  Lynchburg boasts a small downtown area with an delicious array of food options that we know students will enjoy. Our locally own restaurants support local farmers, partner with local organizations, and are an integral part of the downtown community. Dietary restrictions should be noted on the student registration form.

Room and Board

Students will reside on the beautiful campus of Randolph College. Randolph is just two miles from Vector Space, and a van will provide transporation to and from campus and planned activities. During down time, students may take advantage of the mountain scenery, student center gym and game room, or visit the gardens on campus. Students will room two per room, with genders divided by floor. Please let us know if your student has any special needs in regard to their rooming.

Students wishing to attend consecutive weeks will need additional accomodations for Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. A list of potential host families is available upon request.

Can I speak with someone before we make a final decision about camp?

Absolutely! Vector Space founders Adam and Elise Spontarelli would be thrilled to talk with you about our favorite program of 2020. You can send an email to info at, or give us a call at 434 - 515 - 1584. We look forward to hearing from you!