Shop Captains

Vector Space is a community of ~175 members with backgrounds in everything from art to engineering, and some quirky hobbyists that keep things lively. Shop Captains schedule member engagement events, keep their areas clean and functional, help onboard new members, and offer knowledge and assistance whenever possible. To get in touch with Shop Captains, reach out to them on Slack.

CNC Router Captain: Ken Pritchett

3D Printing Captain: Dustin Thomas

Paint Captain: Victoria Towns

Sewing Captain: Jessica Coco

Photography Captain: Siobhan Byrns

Metal Captains: Jeremie Cariaga & Chelsea Tinklenberg

Electronics Captain: Chaz Fisher

Stained Glass Captain: Justin Smith

Leather Captain: Rick O'Neil

Laser Captain: William Kenny

Blacksmith Captains: JB Askew & Matt McLeod

Woodshop Captains: Kurt Feigel & Ken Pritchett