Vector Space is a non-profit community makerspace. Our founders and staff are passionate about making, and teaching others to make. We believe the most rewarding things in life are hands-on experiences shared with others.


Vector Space is a makerspace and community workshop with the mission to build an open and collaborative community that fosters innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of science based knowledge.


We offer 24/7 access to users ages 18+. Enrollment is open 4x per year and begins with a tour, orientation, and safety training. Members enjoy 12,000 square feet of shared workspace and equipment, a community of fellow makers, and discounts on classes.

Mathathon 2021 Wrap-up

You might be surprised how much math can be found in a makerspace. Making a table with angled legs and you need to know how long to cut them? Math. Cutting pentagons for a DIY soccer ball of a known circumference and you need to know how long each side should be? Math. Fitting up gears of differing sizes that still mesh without too much contact pressure? That's right, math.


We're hosting Lynchburg's first Mathathon on August 27! This 13.1 hour event - a Math Half Marathon - will bring together our community's math and computer experts to solve as many Project Euler problems as they can. YOU can join the fun!

Maker Faire Lynchburg Video Content

This year our Maker Faire Lynchburg planning team put together a series of videos to take viewers behind the scenes with local makers. At a time when we could not gather in person, we wanted to bring you closer than ever to the making process. We conducted more than 20 interviews, shop tours, tutorials, and more to give you a peek at the motivation and momentum that drives local makers. In planning a virtual event we were hard-set against creating content you could find elsewhere online, or redundant stories that have already been told.

Makerspace Holiday Gifts

Give a fun and rewarding experiential gift for the makers in your life! We have gift memberships for adults, and projects for teens. Not sure what your recipient would be most interested in? A general gift card can be used towards membership, classes, or projects. Please enter both your contact information AND the recipient's information. Recipients will not be contacted until after the holidays.

Workshops are back!

In August we hired Jess Coco as our new Workshop Coordinator. And now, workshops are back!! In October we are hosting public workshops for the first time since March. Blacksmithing, wood turning, graphic design, 3D printing, and welding are all on the schedule for this month, with wood carving, sewing, and more classes being added next month. We launched with eight classes in October, with a goal of 10-15 per month going forward. Whether you are learning a new tool or refining your skills, we have a fun, fully guided class that will walk you through it! 

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