Teach A Class

Vector Space is for the community, by the community. If you have a skillset you’d like to share, whether it’s sewing, computer networking, wood turning, or rocket building, we want your help. Instructors at Vector Space are paid half of the course income. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, please reach out and let us know!

How It Works

  • You come up with a class, project or workshop idea based on your passions and talents
  • Put together a rough course syllabus, considering length of course and materials (include budget)
  • Recruit a co-instructor or assistant, if necessary (contact us for suggestions!)
  • Class (and budget) are approved by Director of Education and Workshop Coordinator
  • Determine class schedule or workshop date
  • Help recruit students
  • Teach the class!
  • Get paid
  • Collect feedback, tweak your idea, and teach it (or something else) again!

Things to Consider

  • Audience: Chances are, you know your audience as well as, or better than, we do. Keep them in mind when creating the class and recruit them when the time comes. (Think: coworkers, friends, students, clients)
  • Payment: Class fees are typically $10/hr for students. Material costs are taken out first, then Vector Space and the instructor split the remaining income. Example: for a typical 20 hour class with 5 students, total income = $1,000. If materials cost $200, then instructor will make $400 and $400 will go to Vector Space. (Instructors are always welcome to waive their pay as a donation to Vector Space.)
  • We can help! We can connect you with people and ideas to help you get started or to put the finishing touches on your class. And ask around, we have a great community of makers and teachers!

Email our Director of Education to discuss your ideas for a class, workshop or group project.

Class Proposal

Have an idea for a class you'd like to teach at Vector Space? Start by filling out this form. We'll reach out to you to talk more about your idea.

What topics do you plan to cover during your class?
What will your students make during your class that they can take home?
A list of proposed class dates and times (e.g. 12/4 7pm-9pm, 1/23 9am-1pm, etc.)
Remember that beginners are much slower than you.
The minimum number of students you need to be financially viable and the maximum that you could reasonably teach with the provided space and materials.
What is the material cost of your class per person?
Sewing machines, laser cutter, 3D printers, etc.
how many yards of fabric or feet of 1/2" solid steel bar does each student need?
classroom, woodshop, computer lab, etc.
Project Picture
If available, please attach a picture of what your students will be making.
Files must be less than 12 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Fill in the blank.