Makerspace Holiday Gifts

Give a fun and rewarding experiential gift for the makers in your life! We have gift memberships for adults, and projects for teens. Not sure what your recipient would be most interested in? A general gift card can be used towards membership, classes, or projects. Please enter both your contact information AND the recipient's information. Recipients will not be contacted until after the holidays.

Please note that project and workshop fees vary; your recipient will recieve a discount code for the amount purchased to use toward a project or class of their choice.

Thank you for supporting your local community makerspace, and for encouraging creativity and innovation with your gift this year!

Membership: Membership is for those ages 18+ and offers 24/7 access to the makerspace, including a tour, orientation, and member communication portal. Safety training is available as well. Minimum 3 month sign up.

Teen Projects: Participating in one of our projects is like joining a sports team. Coaches lead small teams through immersive and ambitious projects. The teammates work closely with each other and with their coach as they learn the skills necessary to solve the problems they've been given. Project topics and schedules vary. Available to teens ages 14-18, no prior experience necessary. For past and upcoming project examples, visit:

Workshops: All workshops at Vector Space are open to the public and do not require membership to attend. Many of our students come to learn how to make at Vector Space with no prior experience. Workshops are short term and usually focus on a single skill. They're a great way to learn something new! You can also gift a specific class by visiting our workshop page:

Visit to select your gift amount today!