Where to Shop our Makers this Season

The makerspace is buzzing with activity this month, as many of our members create beautiful, small batch goods for YOUR holiday shopping! With many local faires and festivals coming up, we've compiled a list of times and places you can shop for maker-made goods from LYH this season.

Coasters by Lynchburg Live Edge
Coasters by Lynchburg Live Edge

  • Madison House of the Arts - Now through November 3
    • Vector Space Makers: Nneka Brown
  • Hill City Handmade - November 6 at the Urban Arts Garage
    • Vector Space Makers: Justin Smith, Lynchburg Live Edge
  • Holiday Maker's Market - November 26 & 27 at The Academy Center of the Arts
    • Vector Space Makers: Artist Joy Star Bright
  • Christmas in Sedalia - December 11 at The Sedalia Center
    • Vector Space Makers: Lynchburg Live Edge
  • Mini Christmas Makers Market - December 12 at Atelier
    • Vector Space Makers: Joy Star Bright

Mixed Media Canvas by Joy Morykon
Mixed Media Canvas by Joy Star Bright

In addition to these holiday shows, many of our makers have work available at these locations year round:

Leather Wallets by Justin Smith