Vector Space: Driving Away the Cold

On a welcome sunny day after Virginia’s recent cold snap I had the pleasure of hearing the heart warming story of downtown Lynchburg’s Vector Space member Stability X. With sunshine streaming in the window of her bus, soon to be home, she told the story of how she came to use Vector Space as a way out… Stability joined Vector Space in Sept 2021 after moving here from Georgia, where she became familiar with shared workspaces. As a mother and a disabled veteran, Stability found herself bumping into housing barriers. Trying to use her disabled veteran’s allowance to rent an apartment was not working. Like a sack of bricks landing in her lap she realized that with the modest allowance and rising cost of housing she would not be able to afford a large enough space to house both her and her first child. Now four weeks away from another bundle of joy in her life, Stability tells me about how she sees the bus as her way out. For Stability, access to a place with tools and a supportive community like Vector Space is an opportunity to create her own housing, a way to “do it however I want to do it”. 


When Stability moved to Lynchburg she had her mind open and found Vector Space by a stroke of curiosity. Stopping to snap a picture after driving by one day she navigated her way to the website, pointed her compass towards membership and hasn't stopped rolling over there in her bus since. 

Stability in her Schoolie!

Satbility's most recent collage piece