Tormach CNC Mill

We have a new toy! Thanks to a generous contribution from the Al Stroobants Foundation, Vector Space is the proud new home of a Tormach PCNC 440 desktop mill. Make: boasts that the Tormach "cuts metal like butter," and we're eager to try it out.

How it works

So what is a CNC mill? We have a manual Bridgeport mill at the space, which isn't going anywhere, and this is a computer controlled version of the same type of machine. A mill is used to take a piece of [usually metal] stock and cut away at it to create what you need. Known as subtractive manufacturing, you start with more material than you need and carve away at it- usually with fine detail and precision- until you have a functional metal part. A mill looks a lot like a drill press, the difference being the three-axis bed that moves around so that you can do more than just cut holes. 

For the Tormach, designs are created using 3D CAD/CAM software like Fusion 360, which are then sent to the mill for cutting. For technical specs on the PCNC 440, check out this page:


What are we going to make with this beauty? Parts for auto and hobby, engraving or customizing glass and metal items, jewelry, art, and of course: combat robots. In the Fall Vector Space will offer a chance for teens to try out the CNC mill as they make their own three-pound robot, complete with weapon and ready for battle at the next Hill City Robot Combat event.

Stop by soon or activate your membership now to learn about and utilize this powerful new machine!