Summer 2017 Internships

We’re looking for five interns to help us out this summer. It’s an opportunity to do something different, gain experience in a variety of fields (machining, computer software and hardware, woodworking, electronics, graphic design, etc.), and work with a mentor with expertise in your field of interest.

While the internships are unpaid, each intern is provided a $200 budget for their project, courtesy of the Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club.

Internship begins on June 12th and ends on August 4th.


10 hours per week: 4 hours on Tuesday and the other 6 hours decided on an individual basis. We’re looking for self-motivated individuals capable of recognizing problems and finding solutions.


Time should be equally divided between the following four duties:

  • Space improvement projects: Depending on your interests, this might mean building a drill press storage cabinet, optimizing our computer network, web administration, social media, etc. Sometimes you’ll have specific assignments, but you’ll also be expected to find your own projects. If we need a paper towel holder, 3D print one. If the drill bits are hard to find, build a storage case for them.
  • Prepare for and assist with classes and workshops: Setup the room layout, computers, materials, and experiments.
  • Clean and organize the space: vacuuming, sweeping, taking out trash, putting tools where they belong, etc.
  • Personal projects: Interns are expected to make something that they’ll write about and present to the board of directors at the end of the internship. This should be something that is personally interesting and takes advantage of the resources at Vector Space. The requirements are intentionally vague; this is your opportunity to be creative.

Here's one of our interns from the Summer of 2016 talking about his experience.

This program is generously sponsored by, Lynchburg Rotary


Apply Below


Deadline: 5/26 (extended)