Nitro RC - Week 1

Meet Trey, Terrell, and Christian (from left to right) of Team Turbo. They had last pick of the four nitro cars, which came with a few challenges. It was clear at the start that the front wheel assembly was completely broken and most of the screws stripped. It wasn't until the teardown began that they got a better feel for how much work needed to be done. It turns out that screw extraction is an art that we've yet to master. But with enough broken drill bits, they managed to get the job done.

Team Turbo

Given that the first race was only a week away, Team Turbo knew they wouldn't be able to get new parts in time. So they made due with what they had. The broken bulkhead received a generous helping of epoxy, the stripped screws were replaced, and the transmission ignored. The skid plate that protects the underside of many important components was in equally rough condition. Once they had the engine out, and the suspension off, they could more clearly see the transmission, which unfortunately revealed that they didn't have drive shafts to the front wheels, meaning they were the only team without four wheel drive.

Team Turbo

Fortunately, our friends at AMG know that these are minor issues that can be fixed, so they were happy to sponsor Team Turbo. Which means that the drive shafts, front differential, and replacement skid plates are on the way.

Team Turbo was the first team to reassemble their car, which gave them some time to practice before the first race. Wish them luck!

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