Hiring: Workshop Coordinator

Workshop Coordinator Job Posting


The part time Workshop Coordinator will be responsible for scheduling and overseeing the successful execution of workshops. The goal of workshops at Vector Space is to introduce new skills, tools, and techniques to makerspace members and the general public. While initially only a five hour per week position, there is potential for growth of responsibilities and a more substantial workload in the future. Compensation will be discussed during the interview process.


  • Work with instructors to schedule workshops

    • Use internal calendar and VS map to avoid overlap

    • Use surveys to determine ideal times for participants

  • Publish workshops on VS website at 1-2 months in advance

    • Become familiar with CiviCRM and the VS website CMS

  • Recruit new instructors

  • Promote workshops to fill participant slots

    • Post on website

    • Social media

    • Local events calendars

    • Some photography and graphic design

    • Prepare and print workshop flyers

  • Gather feedback from workshop participants 

    • Online followup surveys

    • In person check-ins during classes

  • Meet 2x per month with Executive Director

    • Schedule/curriculum approval

    • Questions, concerns, feedback

  • Meet every 2 months with Director of Education

    • Review surveys and curriculum with respect to pedagogy

  • Meet every 6 months with workshop instructors

    • Feedback and suggestions

    • Social and sharing

  • Be familiar with workshop content and look for opportunities for improvement 

    • Assess backend/registration workflow

    • Assess instructor performance and student success

    • Participate in workshops (not counted as paid time, but registration is waived)


It is important that workshop experience is positive for instructors, participants, and other users of the makerspace. Workshops are not expected to produce production quality projects, but are an educational experience for learners ages 15 through adult. The Workshop Coordinator should be comfortable meeting and engaging new people, willing to ask questions and learn new skills, and have managerial experience. This position is a liaison between workshop instructors, students, and Vector Space staff, and exists to provide support, feedback, and increase efficiency of workshops. 

We currently offer an average of 2 - 3 workshops per month. The workshop coordinator is expected to increase this number to 5 - 10.

COVID Caveats

At this time, Vector Space is not offering workshops to the public. There are opportunities for member learning, but we have put workshops on hold due to COVID-19. We recognize that the initial work of the Workshop Coordinator will be learning systems and preparing to offer workshops again, but without knowing exactly when it will be safe to do so. We appreciate the difficulty of this situation and the short-term expectations of the Workshop Coordinator position will not be based on the quantity of workshops. Public safety concerns will take precedence over workshop scheduling.

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to info @ vector-space.org by July 27th.