Mig welding training checklist

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: MIG Welding

Procedure Number

TC 130-03, Rev. 0




Training to be completed prior to MIG Welding.


See MIG Welding User Guide UG-130-03 [File:https://vector-space.org/wiki/MIG_Welding_User_Guide#REFERENCE]



√ Indicates review completed

   Review MIG Welding User Guide UG-130-03 [File:https://vector-space.org/wiki/MIG_Welding_User_Guide#REFERENCE]
   Review sister Stick Welding Guide UG 130-02 [File:https://vector-space.org/wiki/Stick_Welding_User_Guide]
   Understanding of safety requirements for operation of welding equipment
   Walk through set-up, controls, connections, and operation guidelines
   Demonstrate Basic elements of stick and MIG welding
   Review surface preparation
   Review changing polarity
   Discuss use of shielding gases
   Review MIG Welding Maintenance and Specifications MT-130-03 [File:https://vector-space.org/wiki/Mig_welding_maintenance_and_specifications] and sister Stick Welding Maintenance Guide MT 130-02 [File:https://vector-space.org/wiki/Stick_welding_maintenance_and_specifications]
   Discuss Troubleshooting
   Demonstrate proper cleaning of welded part, equipment, and area

Training Completion:

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Date training completed:

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                                         END OF THE PROCEDURE