Stick welding maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: Stick Welder

Requires in-person training: Yes 

Procedure Number

MT 130-02, Rev. 1




The Millermatic 211 is both a stick welder and a MIG welder, see sister MIG Welding Guide UG 130-03 and Maintenance Guide MT 130-03

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Stick (SMAW) welding equipment requires very little maintenance.

Caring for your Stick (SMAW) Welding Equipment
The majority of the equipment components are contained inside the welder.

The only elements not contained inside the equipment are the electrode holder and the ground clamp. However, these elements do not require a great deal of day-to-day maintenance; rather, these parts have a tendency to wear over time, so it’s good procedure to monitor their condition and replace these parts when needed.

Long term, check inside the machine for buildup of dirt, dust and grime on cooling fans, wiring, transformers and PC boards. Servicing the machine in this way will help to cool the components and prolong the service life of the unit. Be sure you always unplug the machine before performing any maintenance tasks.

The most significant maintenance concern in stick welding relates to your electrodes. When the steel electrodes used for the SMAW process are left out in the open, they tend to collect moisture, creating a risk of rust.

Make sure to care for your rods by properly storing them in a closed container and sealing the lid tightly. Purchase rods that come in a re-sealable container.

Finally, always store your electrodes in an upright position to prevent damage that can occur when rods bump against one another, as dented rods or electrodes missing the extruded coatings can negatively impact the welding performance.

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