Tormach cnc milling machine maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: Tormach CNC Milling

Requires in-person training: Yes 

Procedure Number

MT 130-07, Rev. 1




Tormach PCNC 440 

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Performance and Cutting Ability

The following table summarizes the cutting performance envelope of the PCNC 440 mill:

Spindle Speed Range 300-10,000 RPM
Spindle Power Rating 3/4 hp (600 W)
Feed Rate Range

0-135 IPM (X, Y)

0-110 IPM (Z)

The PCNC 440 is capable of cutting any material that can be cut with a rotating cutter at or near its recommended feeds and speeds. As with any machine tool, care should be exercised so that programmed cuts do not exceed the maximum available spindle horsepower. Small diameter cutters may perform better with use of a companion spindle or RPM multiplier.

Resolution, Accuracy, and Repeatability

The following table summarizes resolution, accuracy, and repeatability of the PCNC 440 as delivered.

Resolution of Motion (minimum discrete positional move) 0.0001”
Positional Accuracy ≤ 0.0016” per 10”

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