Plasma Cutter (handheld) User Guide

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: Plasma Cutter (handheld)

Requires in-person training: Yes

Procedure Number: UG 110-03, Rev. 1

Last Revision: 4/30/2021


The RazorCut 45 plasma cutter is used for making curved cuts in metal. It can cut up to 5/8" thick steel and 1/4" aluminum.

RazorCut 45




  1. Connect the Plasma cutter to compressed air.
  2. Ensure that the settings on the plasma cutter are correct (Power, 4T, )
  3. Connect ground clamp to workpiece.
  4. Set plasma torch in position to cut.
  5. Pull trigger until arc begins.
  6. Pull trigger a second time to make cut.
  7. Pull trigger a third time to ramp down power.
  8. Pull trigger a fourth time to turn off.