Hardinge lathe maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: Hardinge Lathe

Procedure Number

MT 130-12, Rev. 0




Hardinge HLV-EM, 11x24, manual metal lathe.

digital readout with 0.005mm linear scales





  • Clear all chips off the lathe into the trough below.
  • Oil the ways with ISO68 way oil.


  • Clean chips out of the trough into trash cans
  • Lubricate the collet closer


  • Adjust and oil the brake pad in accordance with the maintenance manual.
  • Check level and fill carriage apron with gear oil.
  • Lubricate the gear box
  • Clean the coolant sump


  1. Run countershaft carrier bracket to top position (highest spindle speed setting).
  2. Turn brake control selector switch to “OFF”.
  3. Remove nut and steel washer from motor plate hold down bolt and raise motor plate 2” to 3” and block.
  4. Remove brake drum from motor shaft by taking out four lock screws and set screws.  The four keyway in the pulley brake drum are numbered.  When removing pulley note the keyway number that the motor shaft key is in so it can be assembled in the same location.
  5. Roll head belt off of countershaft pulley then slide countershaft pulley assembly to extreme right.
  6. Pass head belt and motor belt around and off end of shaft.
  7. Put new motor belt in place.
  8. Replace head belt on countershaft and reassemble.


  1. Follow instructions “How To Remove Motor Belt” steps 1 through 5 above.
  2. Pass head belt around and off end of shaft.
  3. Remove switch pull rod that goes through belt.
  4. Remove collet closer.
  5. Remove handwheel snap ring and handwheel.
  6. Remove handwheel spindle key, spring spacer and washer.
  7. Remove both back covers from gear box.
  8. Remove snap ring in front of idler gear bearing.
  9. Screw push screw “IN” to remove gear, shaft and bearing.
  10. Remove lock screws in shifter yoke, unscrew shaft with ¼” hex key wrench in end of shaft and pull shaft way out (~ 5”).
  11. Use switch pull rod as hook and bring belt part way out of opening and around end of spindle and then out through top opening in rear of gear box.
  12. Tie weighted string around new belt and drop through opening for belt, to guide it down through gear box and pedestal. 
  13. Install new belt.
  14. Use switch pull rod to lift belt up on to spindle pulley.
  15. Push shifter back in and screw in place.  Lever must be in vertical position.
  16. Locate shifter yoke on shaft by lining up screw holes.
  17. Replace idler gear, shaft, bearing and snap ring. 
  18. Line up gears.
  19. Replace head belt on countershaft and reassemble.


List of Specifications

The lathe is powered by a rotary phase converter which delivers 3 phase, 240VAC to a transformer which steps the voltage up to 460V.