English wheel maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: Klutch English Wheel Kit

Requires in-person training: Yes 

Procedure Number

MT 130-16, Rev. 1




Klutch® Heavy-Duty English Wheel Kit with stand is ideal for shaping, fabricating, and smoothing dents or welding seams in fenders, hoods and trunk panels. Handles sheet metal to 18-ga., and copper and aluminum to 14-ga.

Heavy-Duty English Wheel Kit.png



  • Keep handles dry, clean, and free from oil and grease.
  • All exposed iron surfaces should be coated with light oil to prevent rusting. Use a multi-purpose or bearing grease for lubrication.
  • The adjusting block should be greased.
  • Oil the driving shaft through the oil cup monthly



English Wheel Specs.png

                                               END OF THE PROCEDURE