Drum sander maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Woodshop

Tool: Drum Sander

Requires in-person training: Yes 

Procedure Number

MT 110-10, Rev. 0




This guide provides information based on the Performax Drum Sander.

Performax Super Max 25 X 2 Drum Sander and Details.png



Adjusting Belt Tracking

According to the internet and belt grinders, belts move toward higher tension, but I swear this thing moves away from tension.

Regular Maintenance

Perform the following recommended maintenance procedures on a monthly basis:

  • Lubricate conveyor bushings and check for wear.
  • Lubricate all moving parts, such as threaded rods, washers, and column tubes.
  • Clean sawdust from the sandpaper and the conveyor belt.
  • Blow dust from the inside of sanding drum(s) and the motors.
  • Check all set screws for tightness on parts such as table support castings, bearings, conveyor coupler, castings, pulleys, and miter gears.

Cleaning Abrasive Strips. Regularly clean the abrasive strips on the drums with commercially available cleaning sticks, following the manufacturer’s directions. When cleaning, also brush the stick crumbs from the drum while it is still rotating.


Drum Sander Specs.png

  • drive belt is 4L560 V-Belt (56in long by 1/2in wide)
  • conveyor belt is 23x62"

                                  END OF THE PROCEDURE