Cnc plasma maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Metal Shop

Tool: CNC Plasma Cutter

Requires in-person training: Yes 

Procedure Number

MT 130-05, Rev. 1




We run a Lotos LTP5500 plasma cutter on the Langmuir Crossfire CNC plasma table.

Langmuir Crossfire CNC Plasma Table

CNC Plasma Cutter.png 



Exposure to extremely dusty, damp, or corrosive air is damaging to the welding/cutting machine. In order to prevent any possible failure or fault of this welding/ cutting equipment, clean the dust at regular intervals with clean and dry compressed air of required pressure.


Langmuir Crossfire

  • Cutting Envelope Dimensions:25.3” (X) x 23.3” (Y) x 3.0" (Z)
  • Machine Weight:130 Pounds
  • Linear Bearing Type: Ball Bearing Carriages on Zinc-plated Steel Tube Rails
  • Stepper Motor Size: X-Axis 284 oz-in Y-Axis 425 oz-in
  • PC Interface: Windows USB
  • Mechanical Drive System:3/8”-8 4-Start ACME Lead Screws and Acetal Anti-Backlash Lead Nuts
  • Motion Accuracy:0.002” per 12” inches
  • Step Resolution:0.0005”
  • Maximum Cut Speed:300 ipm
  • Torch Height Control: Manual Torch Height Adjustment
  • Table Surface: Replaceable Steel Slats, 50mm wide x 3mm thick
  • Input Power: 110/220 VAC (selectable)
  • Plasma Source: Lotus LTP5500D


                                                      END OF THE PROCEDURE