Scroll saw training checklist

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Shop Area: Woodshop

Tool: Scroll Saw

Procedure Number

TC 110-0, Rev. 1




Training to be completed prior to using the variable speed Scroll Saw.


See Scroll Saw User Guide UG-110-09



√ Indicates review completed

  Reviewed Scroll Saw User Guide UG-110-09
   Understanding of safety requirements for operation of equipment
   Walk through set-up and operation guidelines
   Review Blade Tension, Hold-Down function, and Variable Speed Control
   Discuss sawing and beveling techniques
   Discuss Troubleshooting areas
  Reviewed Scroll Saw Maintenance and Specification MT-110-09
   Demonstrate proper cleaning after use

Training Completion:

Vector Space User:

Date training completed:

Vector Space Trainer:

                                   END OF THE PROCEDURE