Vinyl cutter maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Rapid Prototyping

Tool: Vinyl Cutter

Procedure Number

MT 120-03, Rev. 1




We have a 28" USCutter MH721 and a Roland SV-8 vinyl cutter. It's used to cut adhesive-backed vinyl for stickers, sign making, and screen printing. It can also cut heat press vinyl for use in printing on shirts, hats, mugs, etc.

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  • Some Cutter Parts will require periodic replacement: The blades will dull with time and usage. In general, the blades with the sharpest points like the 60 degree blade will dull fastest. To keep your cuts clean and to avoid wasting media and vinyl, replace blades after 6 months of use or whenever cutting becomes jagged or inconsistent.
  • Cutting Strips will also require periodic replacement: The cutting strip is the protective strip that is found right below the carriage arm that prevents damage to the cutting blade. Over time it will develop small cuts and abrasions – and it may happen quickly if you are creating decals or other projects where the blade will cut through the liner of the media.
  • Blade holders will gather small bits of material in them: Over time, this accumulated debris can prevent the blade from moving smoothly over the cut media. Occasionally removing the blade holder cap and cleaning out the debris will help prolong the life of the bladeholder, but they do wear out with time.

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List of Specifications

28 Inch USCutter MH721

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Roland SV-8

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