Viking sewing machine maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Textiles

Tool: Viking Sewing Machine

Requires in-person training: Yes

Procedure Number

MT 140-02, Rev. 1




Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116

Viking Sewing Machine.png


User Manual


Care and Maintenance

  • Turn off the power switch.
  • Clean the outside of the machine with a soft cloth and mild soap.

Cleaning the Hook Assembly area and Feed Teeth

Viking Cleaning Hook and Teeth.png

1. Remove the presser foot and needle

    • Remove screw “a” on the left side of the needle plate.
    • Remove the needle plate and take out the bobbin.

2. Lift up the bobbin case and remove it.

3. Brush out dust and lint.

4. Clean the feed teeth and hook assembly area with a brush.

5. Wipe out gently with a soft, dry cloth.

NOTE: You may also use a vacuum cleaner.

Replacing the Bobbin Case

Viking Replacing the Bobbin Case.png

Turn off the power switch.

1. Insert the bobbin case into the hook assembly area.

2. Make sure the knob of the bobbin case fits next to the stopper in the assembly area.

a. Knob

b. Stopper

3. Insert the bobbin.

  • Replace the needle plate, inserting the two needle plate guide pins into the holes in the needle plate.
  • Replace the screw

c. Guide holes

d. Screw

Replacing the Light Bulb

Viking Replacing the Light Bulb.png


Light Bulb base: BA15d, 120V, 15W

Viking Specs 1.png

Viking Specs 2.png

                                           END OF THE PROCEDURE