Sewing and Embroidery






We have a Brother SE400 embroidery machine. It has a set of basic shapes and a few fonts built-in that can be accessed directly from the LCD interface. See the manual on how to use this feature. For anything more complex, custom designs can be made using the Inkscape plugin, Inkstitch.


The Vector Space logo to the right was created using Inkstitch. The Inkstitch tutorial does a great job of getting you started, but here are some additional issues we've come across that you may find helpful.

  • The Brother SE-400 accepts .pes files.
  • If the design contans multiple objects, like all of the letters and symbols in the VS logo, the objects need to be separated into their own groups (Path>Break Apart). Otherwise you'll likely see an error about overlapping edges. The house in our logo serves as a good example. Normally, the edge of the house, the edge of the gears, and the edge of the circles inside the gears are all grouped together. However, the central circles inside the gears need to be separated from the rest of the house, as these are not connected to the house in any way.
  • Your design needs to be less than 6in tall by 4in wide (embroidery machine limit). If you send a file to the embroidery machine greater than the maximum dimensions, it will show as a blank file.
  • Document size does not matter