Heat press maintenance and specifications

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Shop Area: Rapid Prototyping

Tool: Heat Press

Procedure Number

MT 120-04, Rev. 1




Economy Combo Heat Press Model No.: ECH-800

The heat press uses various detachable forms to transfer specialized Heat-Transfer Vinyl on to different media including t-shirts, hats, mugs, glasses, etc. It does this by applying constant heat and pressure for a specified duration.

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Manual - https://heatpressauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Generic-5-in-1-Heat-press-manual.pdf


1. No action after turn on the machine

  1). Check the plug whether it connects well or whether it is broken.
  2). Check the power switch or digital controller whether it is broken.
  3). Check the fuse whether it has been burnt out.
  4). Indicating light is on, but no display on screen, check the 5 cable of Railway transformer. If it’s loosening,

showing the problem is poor connection. If they connects well, showing that the Transformer is faulty. 2. The display screen are working well, but no temperature increasing on the heat platen.

  1). Check whether the thermocouple of the heat platen touches well. If the thermocouple is loose, the display will

show 255 and machine keeps beeping.

  2). Check if the indicating light of solid-state relay is on, if not, check if the relay or digital controller is broken.
  3). If you already changed the new solid-state relay but the heat platen still can’t heating up, check if the heat platen

is faulty or the heat platen’s power cable is loose, need to change by new heat platen. 3. The heat platen works well, but suddenly the display screen show 255℃.

  1). Check whether the thermocouple of the heat platen touches well.
  2). If the thermocouple touches well but still show 255℃, then it is faulty.

4. The machine is heating during 0~180℃, but display number jumps to above 200℃ or 300℃ suddenly, or the numbers on display jumps irregularly.

  1). Check whether the thermocouple of the heat platen touches well.
  2). If the thermocouple is good, It shows that the program of digital controller is broken, which namely IC or is

broken, need to change by new controller. 5. The temperature is out of control: Set 180℃,but the actual temperature is above 200℃。

  1). It means the solid-state relay is broken, out of control, need to change the relay.
  2). Or the digital controller is faulty and it keeps conveying electric to relay, need to change controller.

6. The setting temp and time becomes abnormal after exchange the heat platen

  1). Please reset the temp and time according the operation process manual.

7. Other notice

  1). In order to prolong the machine service life, please add the lubrication oil regularly on the joints.
  2). In order to keep the heating elements' good transfer effect, you need to protect the heat platen carefully

whenever you are using it or not.

  3). Please keep the machine in dry place.
  4). If you are not able to solve the electrical parts problem, please kindly contact the supplier and get technical


List of Specifications

1. Model No.: ECH-800

2. Machine Dimension: 588*380*450mm

3. Heat Platen Size:12x15(29x38cm)

4. Printable Articles Max Size: 290*380*10mm

5. Voltage: 220V/1Phase; 110V/1Phase

6. Power: 220V/1.8KW; 110V/1.2KW

7. Recommend Setting: 30~280s; 180~200°C

  Time Range: 0~999s
  Maximum Temp: 225 C°

8. Packing Size: 53*53*53cm

9. Gross Weight: 35.4kg

                                                      END OF THE PROCEDURE