Heat Press

See heat press manual here for instructions: https://heatpressauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Generic-5-in-1...

Heat transfer vinyl is stored near the vinyl cutter, in a storage box labeled "heat press vinyl". In the nearby "vinyl tools" storage box you will find blades for the vinyl cutter.

Heat press vinyl uses 30° blades, so you will need to change the blade from the default 45° in the cutter.

When cutting heat transfer vinyl, be sure to cut the dull, colored side (NOT the shiny, clear carrier sheet).

Your design should be mirrored when cut, or it will be backwards on your final piece.

Stick your design onto your work piece (t-shirt, mug, etc.) and then put a teflon sheet between the design and the heat press to avoid burning your work piece. There are several adaptions for the heat press to fit different mugs, plates, hats, etc. stored under the heat press. 

When using the heat press, here are some time guidelines:

Ceramic tile transfer: (Mugs & Plates transfer is similar)
Set temperature: 180°C
Set time: 15 seconds

Cap transfer:
Set temperature: 180°C
Set time: 60 seconds

 T-shirt transfer:
Set temperature: 180°C
Set time: (chemical fiber use for sublimation transfer paper: 30-50seconds; pure cotton use for T-shirt transfer paper: 10-20 seconds)

To set the time and temperature, press the 'OK' button on the heat transfer machine to cycle through each setting and the up and down arrows to change them. When ready, close the handle (should fit tightly around work peice) and press 'ENTER' when the heat press has reached the target temperature to start the timer.



Some heat press vinyl is "cold peel" and some is "hot peel". If you design is peeling off with your carrier sheet, try waiting until the design has cooled before removing the carrier sheet.