3D Printers


We have several 3D printers: a Lulzbot Mini, TAZ6, and a Prusa i3. All are connected to a 3DPrinterOS server, which allows for remote access. [toc]

Lulzbot TAZ6

Lulzbot Mini


When printing on the Lulzbot Mini, the recommended workflow is as follows:

Method 1:

  1. Start Cura
  2. File > Open Profile and select the profile most similar to what you'd like to print. The profiles can be found on the Lulzbot website.
  3. Configure the print as needed
  4. Save gcode
  5. Navigate to http://octoprint.local, upload the g-code, and print


Method 2:

  1. Visit http://octoprint.local
  2. Upload .stl file to Octoprint
  3. In the dialog box select the pre-generated method that matches your filament type/structural needs
  4. Octoprint will automatically slice and load the g-code for that model. Depending on your settings the model may automatically begin printing or remain in the loading phase.


The Lulzbot uses 2.85 or 3mm filament. Loading Filament

  1. Select the filament you would like to load
  2. In Octoprint, manually set the nozzle temperature to the melting point of the filament currently loaded in the printer.
  3. Undo the latch in the extruder, and remove the filament in the printer.
  4. To load new filament, cut off a small amount of filament at about a 45 degree angle to assist in loading
  5. Guide the filament into the extruder until it extrudes out the hot nozzle. Re-latch the extruder bearing.

Prusa i3

For the Prusa i3 there are many similarities to the Lulzbot mini. A few distinctions are listed:

  • 1.75mm nozzle
  • http://octoprint.local:5001 for web control
  • Presently, a layer of blue painters tape is reccomended in order to allow for the best bed adhesion.


  • If the bed of either printer appears dirty, the best practice to clean it is with the Isopropyl alcohol located next to the print tower. Use only a clean paper towel or scotch pad when necessary
  • To remove a stuck print, best practice is to heat the bed to about 50C to loosen the printed part, then the part should come off with relative ease.