Synesthetic Piano

Have you ever wondered what Beethoven's 5th symphony would look like as a painting? Of course not, that doesn't even make sense. Beethoven is music, meant to be enjoyed by the ears, not the eyes. But then, there are a lot of things we modify in order to see: vibrations of the earth's crust seen as graphs, magnetic resonance images, the gamma rays of a distant supernova, and on and on. So why can't we paint a song?

Vinyl Cutter

We have a 28" USCutter vinyl cutter. It speaks HPGL.


On Windows, we use the VinylMaster software.


There are two methods available to InkScape users.

Method 1

Use Inkscape to create a vector image or convert a bitmap into a path
Save as *.hpgl
From the terminal, cat file.hpgl > /dev/usb/lp0

Converting bitmap to vector

Select the object, then choose Path > trace bitmap

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