Membership Committee

Vector Space is a community of ~95 members. With backgrounds in everything from art to engineering, and some quirky hobbyists that keep things lively. The membership committee is a group of volunteers committed to keeping the spirit of collaboration alive. They schedule member engagement events, help onboard new members, and offer knowledge and assistance whenever possible. 

Jeff Benson

Jeff Benson aspires to one day have made a project with every machine at Vector Space. Originally from Pennsylvania, he came to Lynchburg in 2011 to obtain his bachelor's degree from Liberty University. He now works in cybersecurity and continues to find creative solutions to complex problems at Vector Space

Greg Johnston

My main interests are woodworking and metalworking. Throughout my college years I worked with a  master cabinet maker on various projects. My specialty is welding and have a Welding Engineering Degree. I enjoy teaching others the skills and knowledge that I have acquired over my many different projects. I also enjoy learning new skills from other members. As a side note, I am always coming up with way more projects than I’m able to complete.

Randy Sass

Randy has been a member since 2018.  He has experience working in industries such as military, nuclear, non-destructive testing, and electric actuation.  In addition to having a natural curiosity for how things work, he is a frequent user of the laser and plasma cutters.  He occasionally has delusions of grandeur with the 3D printer and blacksmithing too.  He enjoys volunteering in the community and at the space, and helping others learn new things.  

Elise Spontarelli
Executive Director
Elise loves vectors. She's made an entrepreneurial career rendering lines, arcs, and polygons, and since cofounding Vector Space, the addiction has only gotten worse. You'll often find Elise giving her designs life by vinyl cutting, laser engraving, and silk screening. When she's not enthralled by graphics, you'll find her in the wood shop making toys and home decor.
Elise is also a strong advocate of the maker movement, and Vector Space's fearless leader.