Maker Fellowship


At Vector Space, we know that everyone has the potential to be a maker. If you are passionate about what we do but cannot afford our membership fee, we invite you to apply for the Maker Fellowship. Maker fellowships are available for those needing financial assistance to help cover the cost of membership.

This program is designed to get you started on a successful path of making. Our goal is for you to use this time to improve your own skillset, develop your business ideas, contribute to the makerspace, and connect with other members.

Program Details

We will provide all the benefits of membership, including 24/7 access to our tools and technology for your art, hobbies, or small business when you commit to growing our community by improving our spaces, helping with projects, mentoring or instructing fellow members or visitors, or hosting member meetups to share your knowledge.

We are looking for flexible and dedicated individuals that share our value of knowledge, learning, and making. College students and recent grads (must be age 18+), lifelong learners, retirees, artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, builders, and tinkerers are all encouraged to apply. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who would love to be part of our community to gain insights and skills, while accessing state of the art tools and equipment. This is an opportunity to form business and network connections as well.

Applications are accempted on a rolling basis. Applicants will be contacted within two weeks of applying, and those selected will begin their six month Fellowship during the next Member Enrollment period. Fellows are expected to attend Orientation and Safety Training, and follow all of the rules and expectations of membership.


During the initial six month fellowship, accepted fellows will be expected to meet monthly with a mentor/advisor member, attend member meetings each month, and present to the Board of Directors quarterly during the duration of the fellowship. Fellows will follow member safety protocols and adhere to the member agreement, and receive all of the benefits of membership. At the end of six months the fellow may apply for up to a six month extension to continue their work at Vector Space without the burden of membership dues. Applicants should be minorities or be underrepresented in their chosen field of work.

To apply, please complete the form below and you will be contacted for an interview. Thank you for your interest in the Vector Space Maker Fellowship! 

What is the highest educational degree that you hold and from what school?
Tell us about how you spend your free time.
Please provide the names and phone numbers of two people who can serve as your references.
Tell us about your skill sets and how they can be used at Vector Space.
What personal goals do you hope to achieve during your time at Vector Space?
Please provide an overview of your financial needs. Is your financial need temporary? What factors are contributing to your need for assistance?
Fill in the blank.