Help Us UP: Meet Kadri

"Vector Space has helped me tremendously with my knowledge of real world coding." -Kadri Hearns, Vector Space Intern

Meet Kadri Hearns, a Vector Space intern from Randolph College. Kadri spends two mornings per week at Vector Space working with our Director of Education on a variety of projects. He is a rising senior studying Math and has an interest in computer science.

Kadri says, "My time at Vector Space has been exciting and very enriching. Vector Space has helped me tremendously with my knowledge of real world coding. I've been able to use the skills I've learned at college and implement them in different ways at the makerspace. The time spent there has given me both knowledge and confidence in the not only the computer science field but also in other ways too. I have worked with my mentors at Vector Space on different projects- like building the sign outside of the building that houses the makerspace, to creating different events to reach out to the youth of the city. The experience has been wonderful and I wouldn't change it for the world. It has also given me multiple different networking opportunities with the different people that come through and produce excellent work within Vector Space. I look forward to continuing my work there and the knowledge that I can further gain from it."  

Donations to our #helpusup campaign will provide interns like Kadri with a new, designated fabrication lab to learn and create in.