Help Us UP: Meet Edi

"Teaching has given me the confidence to try new things." -Edi Remark, Vector Space Instructor

Meet Ediane Remark, our sewing instructor at Vector Space. Edi uses Vector Space as a classroom to share her love of stitching with others. Her introductory Learn to Sew classes teach students how to use their sewing machine, and give them the confidence to make their own fabric creations.

Edi says, "If we are honest I almost stumbled upon running workshops at Vector Space. I love the 'we learn together' approach Vector Space has so when they needed a last minute instructor I said I'd give it a try. Running workshops at Vector Space are a great way for me to get my name out into the community. Teaching has given me the confidence to try new things; we try to keep the workshop offerings fresh which means I learn new techniques. I have found as I try different patterns I take what I learn and apply it to the items I sell in my Etsy shop. But running workshops isn't the only way Vector Space has helped my business. Taking the introduction to product photography they offered last year helped my product photos immensely! I am spending less time editing, and I am no longer afraid to take my camera out of auto mode. I love the makerspace idea, a place we can come and learn as a community, and access machines you may not be able to afford on your own." 

Donations to our #helpusup campaign will provide instructors like Edi with a new, designated classroom space.