Arduino Programming

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Learn to interpret and control light, temperature, and sound with the Arduino microcontroller

If you like Raspberry Pi, you'll love Arduino!

Microcontrollers are the connection between the world of bits and the world of atoms. They're what let us use computers to sense and control the physical world, and the Arduino is a crowd favorite microcontroller.

In this workshop, we’ll cover an introduction to Arduino and focus on programming as we learn how to manipulate outputs based on sensor inputs.

Topics covered

  • What is Arduino?
  • Software setup (IDE, how to program it, the Serial monitor)
  • Reading schematics and Fritzing (wiring) diagrams
  • Basics of breadboarding
  • Blinking an LED
  • Reading sensor input (with a light sensor)
  • Controlling output (with a simple motor)
  • Combining input and output, making the motor move in response to light


Workshop Overview
Class Name Intro to Arduino Instructor Adam Spontarelli
Class Level Beginner Contact
Length 3 hours Class Size 4-6
Description Learn how to program the Arduino by building various circuits that make use of its different features: analog reading, digital reading, digital writing, PWM, and more.
Required Knowledge Basic programming experience (familiarity with variables and loops) will help. No previous experience with hardware, circuits, or electrical engineering is expected.
Required Equipment None; laptop optional, you can bring your Arduino or borrow ours
Required Materials None
Recommended Age 12+
Class Cost - Members $20 Class Cost - Public $30



April 20th, 2017 6:30 PM   through   9:30 PM
402 Fifth street
Lynchburg, VA 24504-2450
United States

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Phone: 4345151584
Member $ 20.00
Public $ 30.00