Support Vector Space today! Vector space is fiscally sponsored by the School Factory, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports spaces like ours around the country. When you donate, you’re helping us and helping others like us!

How much can you help?

\$50 buys two rolls of 3D printer fillament \$150 pays our internet bill for a month \$500 covers a technology workshop for kids \$1,000 means we can pay rent for a month

*Please note that while online donations go through School Factory, our fiscal sponsor, they are then sent directly to Vector Space to help with community outreach, tool upgrades and makerspace improvements! Click here to pay by check. Especially for larger donations, we encourage you to pay by check to reduce the amount we pay in fees.

What happens after I donate?

You will receive a letter acknowledging your donation, which you should use when filing your Federal income tax. For tips on claiming your donation as a tax deduction, click here.


Monetary donations allow us to keep updated tools and materials in stock, and serve the community through STEAM education and outreach initiatives.


You’d be amazed what we can do with your old computer. Why let it collect dust in your basement, when it could be helping members of Vector Space invent the future and spend its idle time folding proteins for science. We’ll also make good use of your screwdrivers, saws, sewing machines, storage cabinets, and plasma cutters.


Do you have materials lying around unused? Donate them to Vector Space, where they’ll live out their lives with purpose. We’re looking for screws, paint, lumber, fabric, glue, saw blades, trash bags, sandpaper, batteries, wire, yarn, and more.


We want our members to have access to quality publications that inform and inspire them. We’d be happy to have your old textbooks, magazines or journals relevant to our fields of interest.