CNC Router

We have two CNC routers: the shapeoko 2 and the Vicious Circle 3D printed CNC.

Shapeoko 2

The Shapeoko is connected to a Linux computer. Gcode is sent from the Linux computer to the CNC through a program called Universal Gcode Sender.

Method 1

One way to send Gcode to the CNC router, is to connect your Windows or Mac laptop to the CNC's Arduino and send the cut through the Easel software.The login credentials for Easel are on the CNC router.

Easel can import SVG and gcode. SVG files generated by Inkscape don't work because they embed images. One method to get around this is to upload the inkscape SVG to makercam, then use the resulting SVG in Easel.

Method 2

Another method of operating the Shapeoko is to send it gcode directly. There are many ways to generate gcode, but one method is to create something with Easel, then export the gcode from Easel and import it into Universal Gcode Sender.

In Easel, go to Machine > Advanced > export gcode.

3D Printed CNC