Visit Vector Space anytime during an event on the calendar or email us to set up an appointment. An in-person visit will let you talk to a member face to face and answer questions about our organization and how you can become involved. Open house occurs on the first Friday night of the month for anyone to visit from 5-8pm. You don’t need to be a member to hang out. Lots of members will be there to talk to and show you around. If it’s your first time at Vector Space or if you wish to become a member this is the best night to learn about us. Also check the calendar of events. Members will be at the space and the door will be open then as well.

Email: info [at] vector-space [dot] org


The map below shows the recommended parking locations marked in green. If our lot and street parking are full, the public parking lot in the upper left part of the map has something close to an infinite number of parking spaces.